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There is an old joke, probably from "Spinal Tap," that goes, "this amp is louder than others because the volume knob goes to eleven." Mixing angst and volume how could Heavy Metal fail?

Metal's goal was to play louder, longer and harder, featuring lengthy instrumental improvisation. It seemed as the times got more intense, so did the music. As the times got more confrontational, the music followed suit. Many groups found huge success mining this vein, including Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple and the masters of Heavy Rock, Led Zeppelin. These groups influenced countless others. Black Sabbath and Judas Priest refined the Metal attack, and in turn, brought subsequent generations into the Metal fold. By the late '70s and into the '80s Metal roared in high, vengeful gear with its power and influence still audible.

Just when it seemed the limit had been reached - there were no limits. Turned out, after Hard Rock and Psychedelic, Heavy Metal was a natural progression. The term, a derogatory one at best, came from the William Burroughs' novel "The Soft Machine." The first groups tagged with the label protested they were Hard Rockers not Metal mavens. But as time went on, the term was worn proudly.

Heavy Metal ratcheted the guitar's power and featured rumbling riffs or slashing bone-shattering chords.

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