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Angus Young

Angus Young

Playing a Gibson SG, Angus Young merged Metal's sonic density with Punk's vibrant energy to create AC/DC's signature sound. Describing himself simply as a "Hard Rock guitarist," Young shied away from effects or guitar "toys" preferring a straight-ahead, blistering sound.

Whether fronted by Bon Scott or Brian Johnson, Young was as much AC/DC's focal point as the singer, thanks in part to his schoolboy uniform and a tendency to moon the audience. But these were sidebars. Young's playing and his "take no prisoners" approach was AC/DC's claim to fame.

Young once said the only boost he used during solos was himself. "Highway To Hell," "Back In Black," "A Whole Lotta Rosie," "For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)," and "A Touch Too Much" are just a few of the AC/DC tracks that illustrate Young's thunderous chords and crunching fretwork.

Angus Young Discography

Please see AC/DC.

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