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World Party

After recording two albums with the Waterboys ('84's "A Pagan Place" and 85's "This Is The Sea"), Karl Wallinger left to start World Party.

Debut album "Private Revolution" yielded two minor U.K. hits - the title track and "Ship Of Fools." However, the latter song did well in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. where it peaked at #27 on the singles chart. The album also featured a then unknown Sinead O'Conner. After "Private Revolution," Wallinger worked on O'Conner's '88 debut "The Lion And The Cobra." "Goodbye Jumbo," World Party's second album, also had contributions by O'Conner.

Following the recording of the EP "Thank You World," which contained a cover of The Beatles "White Album" classic "Happiness Is A Warm Gun," Wallinger formed a band consisting of guitarist David Catlin-Birch and ex-Icicle Works drummer Chris Sharrock.

With the single, "Is It Like Today?" World Party's third album "Bang!" went to #2 on the U.K. Albums Chart. The group also contributed "When You Come Back to Me" for the Reality Bites soundtrack.

Fourth album, "Egyptology," written following the death of Wallinger's mother, flopped though the song "She's The One" was covered by pop singer Robbie Williams in '99 and went to #1.

Shortly after "Dumbing Up" was issued in '00 Wallinger suffered an aneurysm that left him unable to speak. It was five years before he performed again.
World Party Discography


1986 Private Revolution
1990 Goodbye Jumbo
1993 Bang!
1997 Egyptology
2000 Dumbing Up
2006 Dumbing Up (DVD)
2007 Best In Show (greatest hits compilation)
2012 Arkeology (previously unreleased material)

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