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Wishbone Ash

Bassist Martin Turner and drummer Steve Upton put out an advert looking for a guitarist and keyboardist. What they ended up with were two finalists for the guitar spot; Andy Powell and Ted Turner. Rather than select one or the other, their manager, the soon to be legendary Miles Copeland, the founder of I.R.S. Records and older brother of The Police's drummer Stewart Copeland, suggested they try both guitar players "just to see what it sounds like." The harmony twin lead guitars sound like Prog Rock.

That was '69. The following year Wishbone Ash was opening for Deep Purple, whose guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, was so impressed that he recommended them to a producer which led to a label deal. Wishbone Ash's self-title debut album dropped later in the year.

Wishbone Ash peaked commercially in '72 with the album "Argus," which went to #3 in the U.K. Melody Maker magazine named it the year's "Top British Album". "There's The Rub" dropped two years later. Then Turner left and was replaced by Laurie Wisefield.

Though the band remained viable for a few more years, Turner's departure led to a revolving door. Most notably, King Crimson guitarist John Wetton joined in the early '80s. But following his departure the group lost their label deal - they were later picked up by Copeland's I.R.S. Records where they released the successful instrumental album "Nouveau Calls" in '88.

Wetton, who went on to greater success with Asia, was replaced by former Uriah Heep bassist Trevor Bolder for a tour in support of '81's "Number The Brave." Around that same period, bassist Andy Pyle, formerly of Savoy Brown and The Kinks, landed in the group.

From then on, there were break-ups and reunions and even a controversy over who owned the rights to the group's name. In '98 Powell registered Wishbone Ash as a trademark for his use which was hotly contested by the other three original members. Six years later, Turner performed and recorded under the banner Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash.

Wishbone Ash Discography

Studio Albums:

1970 Wishbone Ash
1971 Pilgrimage
1972 Argus
1973 Wishbone Four
1974 There's The Rub
1976 Locked In
1976 New England
1977 Front Page News
1978 No Smoke Without Fire
1980 Just Testing
1981 Number The Brave
1982 Twin Barrels Burning
1985 Raw To The Bone
1987 Nouveau Calls
1989 Here To Hear
1991 Strange Affair
1996 Illuminations
1997 Trance Visionary
1998 Psychic Terrorism
2002 Bona Fide
2006 Clan Destiny
2007 Power Of Eternity
2011 Elegant Stealth

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