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Wire Train

Wire Train recorded their best-known song "In A Chamber of Hellos" in '84. While failing to have much pop chart impact it proved to be a large chunk of the group's legacy. The reverb soaked Rocker was driven hard with hypnotic jangling guitars and a pulsating rhythm. "In A Chamber of Hellos" was one of the decade's great - lost songs.

Unfortunately, Wire Train arrived at the tail end of New Wave. Besides, they were too edgy to really fit there and Alt. Rock was still years away. The end result was their music only reached a fraction of the audience it should have.

Wire Train formed in San Francisco with guitarist/vocalist Kevin Hunter, bassist Anders Runland, drummer Fredrico Gila-Sola and guitarist Kurt Herr. Following the release of two under appreciated albums Herr and Gila-Sola were gone. The group managed to keep going until the early '90s but with no more success than before.

Wire Train Discography

Wire Train's first two albums ("In A Chamber" and "Between Two Worlds") have been combined on a single CD. This set has "Chamber," and from the second album, its equal, "Last Perfect Thing." "Last Perfect Thing: A Retrospective" does Wire Train justice. It shows the group's exceptional ability to produce fierce yet melodic Rock. Highly recommended.

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