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Wendy O. Williams

Wendy O. Williams

The Plasmatics were really always about Wendy O. She was either in leather pants and torn tee-shirt or tank top and shorts. She made a joke of perceived notions. Blew the myth apart. With spiked bleached-white hair, a fierce sneer and a harsh smoker's voice, Williams out Punked the Punks. Some bands used flash pots. Sissy stuff. The Plasmatics had dynamite. As a singer she solved the problem of what to do during the guitar solo. Wendy took a chain saw to everything from mannequins to school buses. She took Rock as far as it could go. She never had a number one but did she really ever need one?

Williams smirked her way through interviews and in-depth studies. Always in control. On her terms. Wendy O. was also among the select few who would always attract the anti-Rock crowd's attention. All press is good as long as they spell your name right.

She was called a freak, a novelty, but Williams was always great to have around. She lived the promise of Rock. No B.S. No compromise.

It was tragic, to say the least, when she took her life on 4/6/98.

Wendy O. Williams Discography

With or without the Plasmatics, Wendy O. Williams was far more visual than audio. Out there somewhere is some video of her appearance on the late-night Tom Synder Show. Wendy O.'s caustic attitude and a song ending explosion made for great TV. On top of that, Synder was the best straight man Wendy O. ever had. Get the DVD.

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