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Wang Chung

It's a little ironic that a group that drew a large measure of its popularity from MTV should have a debut single titled, ""Isn't It About Time We Were On Television?"

Originally called Huang Chung (after the sound a guitar made when a chord was strummed downward then up), they changed the spelling following the indie release of their self-titled debut.

Wang Chung's line up was vocalist/guitarist Jack Hues, bassist Nick Feldman and drummer Darren Costin.

After their debut, Wang Chung was picked up by Arista Records who put out "Points On A Curve" in '84. This set contained the shuffling MTV favorite "Dance Hall Days." The following year Wang Chung contributed the title track to the film "To Live and Die In L.A." but the song just missed the Top 40.

Costin bailed with Hues and Feldman continuing as a duo. They also switched to Geffen Records starting with the "Mosaic" album. The uptempo "Let's Go" and Wang Chung's most successful and irresistible single, "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" ("Everybody Wang Chung tonight") were the high points. In the late '80s the "Warmer Side of Cool" CD failed to ignite and Wang Chung was gone.

Wang Chung Discography

"Points On A Curve" and "Mosaic" are good synth-pop/Rock albums but truth be known, Wang Chung lived by their singles. So it makes sense to pick up the compilation "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" which provides the chart burners and a bit more.

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