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Vision Of Disorder

Signed by Roadrunner Records' subsidiary, Supersoul, Vision Of Disorder's ’96 self-titled debut was credited with helping popularize Hardcore. So far, so good for the Long Island band.

The wheels started to come off with sophomore set “Imprint,” though it had a promising start. The ’98 release featured guest vocals by Pantera's Phil Anselmo on the song "By The River.

However, the band felt rushed and didn’t think much of the production values. Bad as that was, it got worse. A lack to tour support, Roadrunner wanted the group to halt touring and record another album, led to an acrimonious split.

“Roadrunner said ‘We're yanking your tour support, come home and make another record’,” explained vocalist Tim Williams. “But we wanted to go out and support ‘Imprint’ and just felt insulted that they said that.”

“For The Bleeders,” re-recorded versions of nine demo songs, rolled out before the group signed with TVT Records. ‘01’s “From Bliss To Devastation,” the group’s first and last album with the label, was described by guitarist Mike Kennedy as "fitting in with the Nu-Metal scene."

Feeling, once again, that there was a lack of support from their label, Vision Of Disorder went on hiatus before disbanding. Williams and Kennedy formed Bloodsimple.

Though the group reunited in ’08, it was another four years before “The Cursed Remain Cursed” came out. The album was seen as a return to their “Imprint”-era sound.

"Razed To The Ground,” the group’s second set for Candlelight Records, dropped in ’15.

Vision Of Disorder Discography


1995 Still (EP)
1996 Vision Of Disorder
1998 Imprint
1999 For The Bleeders
2001 From Bliss To Devastation
2012 The Cursed Remain Cursed
2015 Razed To The Ground

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