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Trivium's second album, "Ascendancy," was the group's first to chart on the Billboard 200, if only peaking at the lowly #151 slot.

A year later, Trivium was named the Best Live Band of 2006 at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. Metal Hammer also named "Ascendancy" as one of the Albums of the Decade. Since its '05 release, the album has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide.

From that point forward, Trivium albums landed in Billboard's Top 25 and in the upper reaches of the Top Hard Rock Albums survey with their fifth album, "In Waves," topping that chart.

The band's name was Latin for a three-way intersection. It helped illuminate their melding of Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal and Thrash Metal, which has sold over one million albums worldwide.

"Without Iron Maiden, Trivium surely wouldn't exist," frontman Matt Heafy asserted in an interview. Trivium were usually identified as Melodic Metalcore with strong elements of Thrash Metal. However, on "The Crusade," the group's third studio effort, Heafy dropped the Metalcore scream in favor of actual singing. The album became Trivium's first to crack Billboard's Top 25 but was criticized for "sounding too much like Metallica."

The group was known for tuning their instruments a half-step lower (Drop D♭ as opposed to Drop D) for recording and playing live. "It's mainly for the vocals," explained Heafy. "(It's) not that I can't sing higher, it's just easier with the amount of shows we do."

'13's "Vengeance Falls" was notable for David Draiman's participation. The man known for fronting Device and Disturbed served as a producer.

Brent Young (guitar, bass and backing vocals) was gone following the group's '03 debut "Ember To Inferno." Drummer Travis Smith had a nine-year run but a fall out with the group led to his '09 departure. Nick Augusto played drums until '14 when he was replaced by Mat Madrio. But Madiro was not a long-term player. '15's "Silence In The Snow" was his only album with Trivium and was the group's first not to feature any harsh vocals.

After the split with Madiro for 'creativity' reasons, Trivium brought in Chicago native Paul Wandtke on the recommendation of Dream Theater's Mike Mangini. Wandtke made his debut as the group's touring drummer at the '15 Knotfest in Toluca, Mexico.

Trivium Discography

Studio Albums:

2003 Ember To Inferno
2005 Ascendancy
2006 The Crusade
2008 Shogun
2011 In Waves
2013 Vengeance Falls
2015 Silence In The Snow

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