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Trik Turner

Coming from a Hip-Hop background, Bowers and Moore formed Trik Turner in '99. The group incorporated indie Rock and Funk, while pursuing a different lyrical slant than many of their Hip-Hop/Rock contemporaries. Dealing with subjects close to home (the song "Father" being a prime example), Trik Turner's introspective lyrics, lashed to a scathing, hard-edged attack, got them noticed. Their '00 indie release "Black Seas and Brown Trees" led to a major label deal. The Phoenix based group then re-recorded several tracks. "Friends and Family" and "Let It Rip" highlighted the group's self-titled '02 release.

Trik Turner Discography

Somewhere in "New York Groove" is Ace Frehley's late '70s hit but it's buried deep in the mix. Not a huge loss. Trik Turner's major label debut ranges from Hip-Hop ("Black Sheep" and "Groove") to Rock ("Existence") to the acoustic "Not Like You." The hit single "Family and Friends" takes a mid-tempo tact while the CD's highlight is the Rockin' "Let It Rip."

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