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The Treatment

Losing a guitarist on an annual basis is not a recipe for longevity. A couple years after The Treatment's debut album, '11's "This Might Hurt," founding guitarist Ben Brookland left following a five year tenure.

His replacement, Jake Pattinson and later, Fabian "Dee" Dammers were both short-timers. Despite the turmoil, The Treatment managed to roll out their sophomore set, "Running With The Dogs."

The '14 album didn't halt the attrition. Within months, founding member and frontman, Matt Jones announced his departure.

Hailing from Cambridge, the Brit Hard Rock group formed in '08. Just three years later, they had a label deal and played the Jagermeister stage at the Sonisphere Festival.

Less than two months after Jones' announcement, The Treatment made one of their own, stating that singer Mitchel Emms and guitarist Tao Grey had signed on. Their maiden effort with The Treatment was the '16 album "Generation Me."

The Treatment Discography

Studio Albums:

2011 This Might Hurt
2014 Running With The Dogs
2016 Generation Me

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