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Out of Sacramento, California, vocalist/guitarist/programmer/ songwriter Rey Osburn and guitarist/programmer Eric Stenman got together with drummer Matt McCord and eventually bassist Rick Verrett for the electronic/modern Rock quartet Tinfed. Osburn and Stenman met as kids. Osburn was a Rocker and Stenman a skater. The two were in bands off and on with McCord joining along the way. They ran across another Sacramento group, the Deftones, and built a relationship based on mutual admiration and a healthy dose of competition. It paid off. The Deftones took Tinfed out on tour with them before Tinfed had a major label deal.

A couple of indie Industrial/Rock releases in '94 and '96, "Synaptic Hardware" and "Hypersonic Hyperphonic" (with Nick Dickerson on bass) led to "Immune" being placed on the "Mission Impossible 2" soundtrack. Tinfed then got a major label deal with Third Rail/Hollywood Records and released "Tried + True." Produced by former Psychedelic Furs keyboardist Ed Buller and recorded at San Francisco's The Plant studios, the CD hit in '01.

Tinfed Discography

"Synaptic Hardware" and "Hypersonic Hyperphonic" (with "Whatever," "Wait Suspension" and "Insulin") are dense industrial/pseudo-Rock outings. They are good but "Tried + True" lets the group's Rock side come through. This set has "Immune," "Way Thru" and "Never Was Sure."

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