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Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK)

"OXYGEN: INHALE," the eighth album from the Canadian Christian Rock group Thousand Foot Krutch, debuted at #11 on the Billboard 200 in September of '14.

Nineteen years earlier, guitarist/vocalist Trevor McNevan founded Oddball with drummer Neil Sanderson who became Thousand Foot Krutch's original drummer before moving on to Three Days Grace. That connection continued when McNevan helped Three Days Grace record their demo album and was featured on the track "This Movie."

Oddball released one album, "Shutterbug," before morphing into Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK), the name "symbolizing the point in our lives that we realize we can't make it on our own strength."

Following their self-released '97 debut "That's What People Do," which contained Hip-Hop elements utilizing McNevan's 'rhythmic vocals', and 01's sophomore album, "Set It Off," TFK signed with Seattle's Tooth & Nail Records where they unfurled "Phenomenon." The CD sold 200,000 units making it one of the best-selling albums in Tooth & Nail's history.

At this point, McNevan was the only original member. But the group had a long-term line-up with bassist/backing vocalist Joel Bruyere and drummer Steve Augustine who joined in '99 and '02, respectively.

"The Art Of Breaking" presented a near complete break from "Phenomenon's" Nu Metal. Rather, it leaned toward mainstream Rock/Heavy Metal.

'07's "The Flame In All Of Us" ventured closer to mainstream Rock and included soft Rock songs but only debuted at #58 on the Billboard 200.

The more aggressive "Welcome To The Masquerade," released in'09, peaked at #35 on the Billboard 200. "The inspiration behind the album comes from people hiding things in their life," stated McNevan.

TFK's "Phenomenon," "The Art Of Breaking," and "The Flame In All of Us" were re-released later in '09 as a three-CD set called "Deja Vu: The Thousand Foot Krutch Anthology." That was followed in '11 by the "Live At The Masquerade" DVD.

Having left Tooth & Nail, '12's "The End Is Where We Begin" was issued independently. McNevan said the album contained some of TFK's "heaviest stuff and some of the lightest." It debuted at #5 on iTunes US, and #1 in Canada.

The following year, "Made In Canada: The 1998-2010 Collection" rolled out. Despite the title, the set contained two new songs, "Searchlight" and "Complicate You."

"OXYGEN: INHALE" utilized Pledge Music, the online platform that helps musicians reach out to their fanbase (Pledgers), to raise funds to cover album costs. The set was released on iTunes First Play, which streamed music prior to its official release and facilitated album purchases through iTunes.

Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK) Discography


1997 That's What People Do
2001 Set It Off
2003 Phenomenon
2005 The Art of Breaking
2007 The Flame In All Of Us
2009 Welcome to the Masquerade
2012 The End Is Where We Begin

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