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The Pretenders

The Pretenders

Had the Pretenders gone no further than their '84 CD "Learning To Crawl" (which almost happened) they would have accomplished a lot.

In the mid '70s, Ohio born Chrissie Hynde left the U.S. for London where she got a job writing for the New Music Express. By '78, she'd hooked up with Martin Chambers (drums), James Honeyman-Scott (guitar) and Pete Farndon (bass). Released in '80, the Pretender's self-titled debut featured the Kinks "Stop You Sobbing (written by Kink, Ray Davies)," the hit "Brass In Pocket" and the best Rocker on the CD "Mystery Achievement." "Pretenders II" had "Message Of Love," "I Go To Sleep" (another Ray Davies song - Hynde was living with him at the time) and "Talk Of The Town."

This is where the story takes an ironic twist. Bassist Farndon was rolling out of control due to drugs and alcohol. His playing was suffering to say the least. So it was decided to kick him out of the band. The next day (6/16/82), guitarist Honeyman-Scott died from a drug overdose. Farndon wasn't any luckier. A year later, he too succumbed to drugs.

Only Hynde and Chambers were left. They started working with Rockpile guitarist Billy Bremner and bassist Tony Butler recording "My City Was Gone" and "Back On The Chain Gang." Then Robbie McIntosh and his pal Malcolm Foster were installed on guitar and bass. This line-up the recorded the remaining tracks for the group's premier album "Learning To Crawl."

Band instability, a true Pretender's trait, surfaced again. Chambers was sacked but later returned. However, it wasn't long before McIntosh and Foster departed for good, replaced by Adam Seymour (guitar) and Andy Hobson (bass). The solid "Get Close" CD landed in '86 while the lukewarm "Packed" with "Never Do That" and "Sense Of Purpose" arrived four years later. Another four years passed before "Last Of The Independents," containing the emotional ballad "I'll Stand By You," hit the stores.

"Viva El Amour" released in '99 was one of their strongest CDs in years. "Human" was the first single but "Popstar" was the most Rockin' and had some great Hynde lyrics. "Loose Screw," with Reggae influences and solid songwriting, arrived in '02. A modest commercial success, the album was the group's last shot at notoriety for a couple of years.

In '05, the Pretenders were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Only Hynde and Chambers attended. In her acceptance speech, Hynde called out all the musicians who'd been in the group before specifically referencing two late members. "We're paying tribute to James Honeyman Scott and Pete Farndon, without whom we wouldn't be here. And on the other hand, without us, they might have been here, but that's the way it works in Rock 'n' Roll."

Following the Hall of Fame ceremony the Pretenders toured and in '06 bassist Nick Wilkinson joined marking the first line-up change in over a decade. But more changes were in the offing. Keeping Wilkinson, Hynde rebuilt the group again with James Walbourne, Eric Heywood on guitars and legendary drummer Jim Keltner (though Chambers was the touring drummer). This line-up issued '08's "Break Up The Concrete," the Pretenders first studio album in six years.

The Pretenders celebrated the album's release with a set at New York's Highline Ballroom. Hynde and Chambers led the group through a 17-tune set that kicked-off with the album's lead single, "Boots Of Chinese Plastic."

Given that The Pretenders, at this point, only existed in some record label promo guy's mind, Hynde shelved the band and issued "Stockholm," in '14, under her own name.

But The Pretenders weren't done. "Alone," arrived in'16. The Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) produced album featured the track "Holy Commotion."

Having not performed live since '12, The Pretenders with Chambers still onboard, spent the waning months of the year opening for Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac).
The Pretenders Discography

Studio Albums:

1979 Pretenders
1981 Pretenders II
1984 Learning to Crawl
1986 Get Close
1990 Packed!
1994 Last of the Independents
1995 The Isle Of View
1999 Viva El Amor
2002 Loose Screw
2008 Break Up the Concrete
2016 Alone

The Pretenders were often tagged as "Chrissie Hynde's band." As time passed, the truer it became. The Pretenders' debut shows them in top form. "Brass In Pocket" got a lot of airplay but the other tracks were easily its equal. "Pretenders II" is only a slight step down. Maybe it is the old sophomore jinx. Crowning achievement, "Learning To Crawl," opens with "Middle Of The Road."

Since then, it's largely been hit or miss. "The Singles" captures many Pretenders' classics but omits some of the group's best songs including "My City Was Gone" and "Mystery Achievement." Maybe there wasn't room but there should have been.

That problem was finally resolved with the '06 arrival of the "Pirate Radio" box set, a complete chronicle of Hynde and The Pretenders' incredible career. The package includes all the group's hits and important tracks plus live cuts and demos (it opens with a demo of "Precious," which sounds great).

Gotta Haves: The Pretenders - 1980: The best known song from this album is "Brass In Pocket," a jangle Rocker with Hynde's sensual voice playing the title's double meaning to the hilt. It also has the power Rockers "Precious" and "Tattooed Love Boys." Hynde's plaintive vocals on "Kid" are exquisite. But the standout track is the muscular "Mystery Achievement." Great rhythm and drive. Again Hynde's vocals, both breathy and tough, are outstanding.

Learning To Crawl - 1984: From the ruins, The Pretenders rise. A rumbling bass riff drives the ode to Hynde's native Ohio, "My City Was Gone." "Back On The Chain Gang" sees The Pretenders returning to their jangle Rock roots complete with catchy "ooh" and "ah" backing vocals. The aggressive Rocker "Middle Of The Road" is hands down the best song. Hynde wraps things up with a harmonica bit that sounds like a wailing cat. The lyrics deal with getting older ("I got a kid, I'm 33"). At least she's not going quietly.


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