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Tame Impala

How does an Australian group break in the United States? There are three 'easy' steps.

1) Get songs placed in U.S. TV shows
2) Get a buzz going with music publications
3) Win awards

Kevin Parker formed Tame Impala as "a steady flowing psychedelic groove Rock band that emphasizes dream-like melody."

Years earlier, Parker formed the Dee Dee Dums, which gained some notoriety in their homeland between '05 and '07. At that point, the group's two guitar line-up was dropped in favor of a trio (guitar, bass and drums) configuration. In light of the change, the group was renamed Tame Impala.

After signing a record deal in '08, Tame Impala issued their self-titled debut EP which went to #1on the Australian Independent Record Labels (AIR) Chart. They toured Australia and even played the U.K. In fact, the single "Sundown Syndrome" was recorded in London. The song was included on the soundtrack of the Oscar-nominated film "The Kids Are All Right" while "Half Full Glass Of Wine" was used in HBO's TV series Entourage as the closing song for an episode.

Tame Impala's full-length debut album, "Innerspeaker," was released in June of '10 and was followed by a promotional tour opening for MGMT. Back in Australia, "Innerspeaker" picked up the Album of the Year, Best Rock Album, Best Group and Breakthrough Artist honors at the 2010 Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Music Awards.

The group's sophomore set, "Lonerism" was finished in late '11. "(The album has) an expanded sonic palette, more emotional song writing, and a more pronounced narrative perspective," stated Parker. Like "Innerspeaker," Parker wrote and recorded the majority of the album by himself.

"Lonerism" won the 2012 J Award for Australian Album of the Year. Two years earlier, Tame Impala won the same honor for "Innerspeaker." So they became the first group to win a J Award more than once. Rolling Stone Australia named "Lonerism," the 2012 Album of the Year. NME in the U.K. put the set at the top of their '12 Album of the Year poll. In The U.S., Rolling Stone named Tame Impala one of top emerging bands.

Despite all the recognition, Allbrook left in '13 to focus on other music endeavors and was replaced by Cam Avery.

Coincidently, Allbrook's last concert with Tame Impala was at Perth's Belvoir Amphitheatre, the same venue where he played his first show with the band in '08.

With work underway on the follow-up to "Lonerism" Parker began to publically question the need to put out another album. He added that is desire was also lacking.

Parker's indifference could be traced to a quote from the spring of '15. "Up until recently, from all of Tame Impala's record sales outside of Australia I had received.... zero dollars. Someone high up spent the money before it got to me. I may never get that money."

But an album, "Currents," did arrive a few months later.

Tame Impala Discography


2010 Innerspeaker
2012 Lonerism
2015 Currents

Live Album:

2010 Live At The Corner


2008 Tame Impala
2008 Tame Impala EP

Tame Impala do late '60's Psychedelic Rock very well. They're like Spirit without the Jazz breaks.

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