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The Sweet

And the hits just kept coming. "Ballroom Blitz" in '74, "Fox On The Run" unleashed in '76 and "Love Is Like Oxygen" rolled out in '78. In addition, the Sweet had a few more minor "hits" on both sides of the Atlantic before the thing tanked.

Vocalist Brian Connolly and drummer Mick Tucker started the Sweet in the late '60s and had a stunning lack of success. In stepped the songwriting team of Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. These guys had been roaming around successfully writing pop-oriented songs before the Sweet came along and kept right on going long afterward. They had the knack and they delivered the Sweet's first success, a ditty entitled "Little Willie." Right.

The Sweet's stage appearance was half way to KISS. They had the painted on metallic clothes but just a touch of make-up, looking more like a Rock version of the Village People. But that was the '70s.

Eventually, the Sweet broke from Chinn/Chapman only to discover that they were successful only when they imitated the Chinn/Chapman approach. Their hard Rock efforts fell on deaf years and the hits eventually dried. Connolly went solo and bassist Steve Priest took over as lead singer. They even added a keyboard player. Like it mattered.

Later on, Connolly tried to resurrect the Sweet, calling it New Sweet, with no other original members. It was a nasty failure to say the least. Guitarist Andy Scott and Tucker tried their own Sweet revival in the '80s with no more success. In '97 Connolly died of liver failure.

The Sweet Discography


1971 Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be
1974 Sweet Fanny Adams
1974 Desolation Boulevard
1976 Give Us A Wink
1977 Off the Record
1978 Level Headed
1979 Cut Above The Rest
1980 Waters Edge
1982 Identity Crisis

The Sweet was a singles group all the way. "The Best Of Sweet" covers it.

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