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Story Of The Year

Story Of The Year

There are some things that just don't bode well. Like Blue Monkey for a band's name. Or when some music writer describes a band as Emo-influenced post-Grunge Rock. But Story Of The Year has been there - and more.

Out of the mid-west musical hotbed known as St. Louis, Blue Monkey emerged. There were several line-ups before things settled with vocalist Dan Marsala, guitarist Ryan Phillips, second guitarist Philip Sneed, bassist Adam Russell and drummer Josh Wills. Along the way, the Blue Monkey moniker was mercifully discarded.

Marasala and Philips joined forces in the late '90s and built the group from there. A few years later Story Of The Year won a local radio contest and began disseminating CDs and videos to anyone who might listen or watch. One who did both was producer and Goldfinger frontman John Feldman. In '02, he got Story Of The Year an L.A. audition (in the notorious Viper Room) before Maverick Records (which was also Goldfinger's label).

Shortly thereafter, Story Of The Year relocated to Orange County to record their '03 debut "Page Avenue" containing "Anthem Of Our Dying Day" and "Until The Day I Die." "In The Wake Of Determination, Story Of The Year's sophomore release, hit in '05.

Story Of The Year Discography


2003 Page Avenue
2005 In the Wake of Determination
2008 The Black Swan
2010 The Constant

Story Of The Year is a mainstream take on Punk and Hard Rock with just enough rage and pseudo-Grunge to stay credible.

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