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Sprung Monkey

Getting on a movie soundtrack is a great way to get noticed. Trouble is, just about every clown in the world has figured that out, so the competition is fierce. Still, Sprung Monkey has managed to pull the feat off, not once but four times.

American Made - Loose Change
Thunderstruck - Varsity Blues
SoCal Loco (Party Like A Rock Star) - Dude, Where's My Car?
Get 'Em Outta Here - 10 Things I Hate About You

Sprung Monkey supported the three CD environmental preservation series "Music For Our Mother Ocean" (hey, they're from San Diego) contributing a cover of Harry Nielsen's "Coconut," along with "Atta Girl" and "Good Times." Also, the group's music has been lifted for numerous snowboard and skateboard flicks.

Pulling themselves from the SoCal backwash, Sprung Monkey formed in the early '90s
with Steve Summers (vocals/guitar), Mike Summers (guitar), Chuck Riley (guitar), Tony Delocht (bass) and Ernie Longoria (drums).

Finding success selling their music locally, they landed on Van's Warped Tour and ESPN's X-Games. Signed to Surfdog/Redline Entertainment, Sprung Monkey delivered two releases in '98, "Mr. Funny Face" and the superior "Swirl." More roadwork followed with opening slots for Offspring and Blink 182. They also managed to nail six, count 'em, six Australian tours.

"Get A Taste" rolled out in '01 and was produced by the talented Jim Wirt (whose credits include Incubus) and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge who has a track record too long to mention. Nothing like having the heavy hitters on your team.

Sprung Monkey Discography

Studio Albums:

1993 Situation Life
1995 Swirl
1998 Mr. Funny Face
2001 Get A Taste
2013 Dead Is Dead

"Get A Taste" has the hook laden, talking vocals of "What's That You Say" and the title track's ironic contentment. The CD also contains the mid tempo "Party Like A Rock Star" that is inferior to, "SoCal Loco (Party Like A Rock Star)" that's on the "Dude, Where's My Car?" soundtrack.

Even so, pass on the soundtrack unless everything Sprung Monkey has ever created is on your "must have" list. "Swirl" would be the next choice.

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