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It's a fairly common story. A group records a couple albums, each on a different indie label, that do okay but nothing earth shaking. At that point, band members may depart for a more promising band or they hang it up altogether and get the dreaded day job.

From '08 to '12 that description fit Spraynard, a group co-founded by guitarist/vocalist Pat Graham. He began his journey down the Punk road at age ten when his older sister took him to a Green Day concert.

Spraynard's second album, "Funtitled," put the West Chester, PA band on the map. They bounced between their hometown and nearby Philadelphia before embarking on an extended tour which put a huge strain on the band. As a result, Spraynard went on hiatus in '12.

Graham and drummer Pat Ware returned the day jobs they'd held since high school - working at a batting cage owned by Graham's brother.

Two years later, Spraynard issued "The Mark, Tom, and Patrick Show," a play on the title of the Blink-182 live album ("The Mark, Tom and Travis Show"). End of the story? Not yet.

The enthused response to the compilation encouraged Spraynard to reform with bassist Jake Guralnik replacing Mark Dickinson.

Prior to the release of their '15 studio album, "Mable," Spraynard got an unexpected boost when The New Yorker published a page long article in their 'Night Life' section promoting a series of New York area shows.

Spraynard Discography


2010 Cut And Paste
2011 Funtitled
2014 The Mark, Tom, and Patrick Show (compilation)
2015 Mable

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