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Speedy Ortiz

A number of bands have actually started as a side project or solo effort. Speedy Ortiz was one of them.

Sadie Dupuis, a former MIT math student and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) candidate in Poetry at UMass-Amherst (which explained why her lyrics garnered so much attention), initially recorded under the Speedy Ortiz moniker. She released the EP "Cop Kicker" and the full-length "The Death Of Speedy Ortiz."

Later in '11, Dupuis formed the Northampton, MA band that issued the "Sports EP" and the group's full-length debut "Major Arcana," a noise Rock effort with '90s influences. (Dupuis once fronted a joke all-female Pavement cover band called Babement.)

Pitchfork Media named the album "Best New Music" in July, '13.

The following year, guitarist Matt Robidoux was replaced by Devin McKnight with the group's sophomore full-length set, "Foil Deer," arriving in '15.

Speedy Ortiz Discography


2011 The Death Of Speedy Ortiz
2013 Major Arcana
2015 Foil Deer


2011 Cop Kicker
2012 Sports EP
2014 Real Hair

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