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Spacehog is a group best known for the single "In The Meantime" which is on their debut gold album, "Resident Alien."

Influenced by David Bowie, Queen and T-Rex, Spacehog formed in '94, just a year before their major success. Sophomore set, "The Chinese Album," featured a more "artsy" sound. R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe contributed vocals on "Almond Kisses" and Spacehog secured an opening tour slot with Pearl Jam. Even so, the set failed to deliver the anticipated sales so Spacehog were dropped by their label.

"The Hogyssey" which arrived in '01 came out on the indie Artemis imprint. The Tour of Brotherly Love, opening for the Black Crowes and Oasis, didn't alter Spacehog's declining fortunes.

Following the slide into oblivion, bassist/vocalist Royston Langdon married American actress Liv Tyler. The '03 marriage lasted a little over five years.

Another short-term venture began in '06 when Royston and his brother, Spacehog guitarist Antony Langdon, formed Arckid. The line-up also included a third brother, keyboardist Christian Langdon, and eventually, another Spacehog vet, drummer Jonny Cragg.

Spacehog reunited in '08 for two L.A. shows. From there, the group began work on their comeback album "As It Is On Earth." After the album was recorded, but still a year before its release, they added multi-instrumentalist Timo Ellis.

Spacehog Discography


1995 Resident Alien
1998 The Chinese Album
2001 The Hogyssey
2013 As It Is On Earth

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