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Something Corporate

Something Corporate

"If you'll be my Punk Rock princess, I'll be your garage band king." Every now and then a song comes along that just nails it. "Punk Rock Princess" tapping into inescapable desire to try to connect with someone who appears unattainable is just such an effort. It also Rocks.

SoCal based Something Corporate started in Dana Hills with singer Andrew McMahon, bassist Clutch and drummer Brian Ireland. All were high school friends. Seeing Josh Partington playing at a party led to his recruitment. Guitarist/vocalist William Tell also joined. From there the group built a local reputation that got them signed to Drive-Thru Records.

McMahon grew up with a great appreciation for Elton John, of all people. Elton, who beat Neil Diamond at his own pretentious game, ruled the pop charts in the '70s with tortured ballads that influenced McMahon. It also led McMahon to apply his musical talents to the piano, an instrument that has been all but forgotten in the Alt. Rock/Modern Rock realm. Not that the piano dominates but it's in there.

"Leaving Through The Window," Something Corporate's Drive-Thru full-length debut was released in '03.

Something Corporate Discography

Something Corporate's "Leaving Through The Window" has a lighter touch than many of its contemporaries and is better for it. The album opens with lean Rocker "I Want To Save You." There's also the undeniable "Punk Rock Princess." "I Woke Up In A Car" starts as an acoustic bopper before kicking in. That's just the way to handle the down tempo stuff. "If You C Jordan," a high school "revenge on the bully" song has a natural swing to it. While McMahon takes a whack at meaningful, deep lyrics, Something Corporate is at their best when they just roll in high gear - which they do most of the time.

'01 EP release "Audioboxer" has "If You C Jordan" and the pulsating "(Hurricane) The Formal Weather Pattern."

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