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Shocking Blue

Shocking Blue are primarily known for two things: "Venus," a #1 hit in '70, and second, their song "Love Buzz" was covered by Nirvana in '88 becoming that band's debut single.

Shocking Blue formed in '67 and began recording a year later. But it took the addition of vocalist Mariska Veres and the song "Venus," which was based on "The Banjo Song" by The Big Three (a group that had Mama Cass Elliot as a member - prior to her Mamas and Papas fame), to become an international success. With "Venus," Shocking Blue became the first act from the Netherlands to have a #1 song in the U.S., selling over one million copies. Global sales exceeded five million discs.

Follow-up single "Never Marry A Railroad Man" didn't get much traction in the U.S. but the group's popularity continued in Europe until they fragmented in the mid-70s. Veres embarked on a solo career that found some success in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Nirvana's cover of "Love Buzz" didn't generate much new interest in Shocking Blue until the Seattle trio became a worldwide phenomenon.

Shocking Blue Discography


1968 Shocking Blue
1969 At Home
1970 Scorpio's Dance
1971 Third Album
1972 Inkpot
1972 Live In Japan
1972 Attila
1972 Eve And The Apple
1973 Dream On Dreamer
1973 Ham
1974 Good Times

Shocking Blue are a "one hit wonder" even though they released over ten albums in Europe. But ultimately, "Venus" is their legacy.

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