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Senses Fail

Senses Fail issued their full-length debut, "Let It Enfold You," in '04. Formed only two years earlier in Ridgewood, NJ, the group, like countless others, worked their way up the indie label food chain starting with ECA Records, then stopping at Drive-Thru Records before finally landing with Vagrant.

The group started with two guitarists who had prior experience together, Garrett Zablocki and Dave Miller. Zablocki's online ad landed singer Buddy Nielsen. Bassist James Gill, later replaced by Mike Glita, and drummer Dan Trapp were also brought in.

Senses Fail released the EP "From The Depths Of Dreams" on ECA before it was re-released eight months later, with additional tracks, by Drive Thru.

After "Let It Enfold You" hit the band announced that Miller had departed. The initial report was that the split had been mutual though later it became apparent he'd been bounced out. Heath Saraceno stepped in.

Veterans of the Warped Tours between '04 and '06, Senses Fail also went out on the '06 International Taste of Chaos Tour as well as the North American version. In the midst of all that activity, the group unfurled their sophomore full-length album, "Still Searching."

Senses Fail spent a part of '07 on the European festival circuit before returning back to the U.S. to embark on co-headlining tour with New Found Glory.

Senses Fail Discography


2004 Let It Enfold You
2006 Still Searching
2008 Life Is Not a Waiting Room
2010 The Fire
2013 Renacer
2015 Pull The Thorns From Your Heart

Senses Fail incorporate Punk, Metal, Prog and Emo flourishes to varying degrees. "Still Searching" is the group's most melodic and cohesive effort but they don't sacrifice energy or drive to get there. Showing lyrical depth on the songs "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" and closer ballad "The Priest And The Matador," they delve beyond the usual "my-life's-a-wreck-and-you're-the-reason' modus operandi. Neilsen also tones down his approach while keeping the passion.

"Let It Enfold You" has "Buried A Lie," with a machine gun guitar, and "Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday," which wields metallic rage. While Metal is more prevalent here, the truth is Senses Fail work best as a Pogo Punk band.

"From The Depths Of Dreams" provides the template but the musical styles are not as integrated as on subsequent releases. The songs fit into neat categories: "Steven" (Metal), "Hand Guns And Second Chances (Punk), "One Eight Seven" (Emo) and "The Ground Folds" (the obligatory acoustic track - while good, the full-on version, also on the EP, is better). Eventually, these styles got meshed together.

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