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Savoy Brown

The British Blues-Rock outfit Savoy Brown, originally known as the Savoy Brown Blues Band, was founded in '65 by guitarist Kim Simmonds, the only mainstay through a myriad of personnel changes. The group reached its U.S. commercial peak with two albums; "Looking In," released in '70 made it to #39 on the U.S. chart while '72 offering "Hellbound Train" did even better, peaking at #34.

Needless to say, Savoy Brown was not a superstar act but non-stop touring kept them busy and presumably fed. What they are also known for is being a "feeder" group. Namely, a handful of musicians started with Savoy Brown before going on to greater glories.

The most prominent were guitarist "Lonesome" Dave Peverett, bassist Tony Stevens, and drummer Roger Earl who went on to form Foghat. Vocalist Dave Walker was in Savory Brown ('71-72) before moving on to Fleetwood Mac ('72 - '73) and Black Sabbath ('77 - '78). Bassist Andy Pyle stayed with Savoy Brown for a couple years ('72 - '74) before landing with The Kinks ('76 - '78) and Wishbone Ash ('86-'87 and '91 - '93).

The Savoy Brown song "Train To Nowhere" was used in an '08 segment of the TV series CSI: NY, titled "The Thing About Heroes."

Savoy Brown Discography


1967 Shake Down
1968 Getting To The Point
1969 Blue Matter
1969 A Step Further
1969 Raw Sienna
1970 Looking In
1971 Street Corner Talking
1972 Hellbound Train
1973 Lion's Share
1973 Jack The Toad
1974 Boogie Brothers
1975 Wire Fire
1976 Skin 'n' Bone
1978 Savage Return
1981 Rock 'n' Roll Warriors
1981 Greatest Hits - Live In Concert
1981 Just Live (recorded 1970)
1985 Live In Central Park (recorded 1972)
1986 Slow Train
1988 Make Me Sweat
1989 Kings Of Boogie
1990 Live And Kickin'
1992 Let It Ride
1994 Bring It Home
1998 Live At The Record Plant (recorded 1975)
1999 The Bottom Line Encore Collection (live, recorded 1981)
1999 The Blues Keep Me Holding On
2000 Looking From The Outside - Live '69 & '70
2000 Jack The Toad - Live 70/72
2003 Strange Dreams
2005 You Should Have Been There
2007 Steel
2009 Too Much Of A Good Thing
2011 Voodoo Moon

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