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Saves The Day

Saves The Day

Groups often modify and mold their approach with each recording, sometimes taking unexpected turns or adopting new elements. New Jersey's Saves The Day released their first indie album in '97. "Can't Slow Down" was a furious effort. The acoustic EP "I'm Sorry I'm Leaving" showed a far different side and even included a cover of Modern English's "I Melt With You." Also arriving in '99 was the much more accomplished "Through Being Cool" which brought back the electric guitars though not nearly with the power of their debut. These indie releases, but especially "Cool," caught the attention of Vagrant Records who signed them. The album "Stay What You Are" was released in '01 with "In Reverie" arriving two years later.

Saves The Day Discography

Saves The Day is off to a good, if unremarkable start with "Can't Slow Down." The album relies on a well-worn speed Punk approach with the pre-requisite angst-riddled lyrics. Some things never change. About all that can be said about "I'm Sorry I'm Leaving" is the group got their "unplugged" effort out of the way early. If you're going stripe it down so the audience catches every word, every nuance, then it might be best to have something in the tank.

Saves The Day does have their virtues and "Through Being Cool" (great title) is the first indication. Though recording lasted only eleven days, it has a more disciplined approach. Saves The Day builds on that with "Stay What You Are." Opening track "At Your Funeral," is easily the strongest. Other songs like "Jukebox Breakdown" possess a gritty drive. But the group takes a mellower turn with '03 release "In Reverie."

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