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Nigerian born Saffron started singing on British club/dance records (with limited success) in the early '90s. In '95, she teamed up with composer/keyboardist Tim Dorney and keyboardist Andy Todd. They worked
on songs adding guitarist Johnny Male and drummer Dave Barborossa to the mix. With a Punk/Rock/Dance sound, Republica hit pay dirt with the single "Ready To Go" from their self-titled debut album. It was an
incredibly forceful acoustic/electric blend that was also extraordinarily catchy. Aside from being a Top Ten Alt. Rock hit, "Ready To Go" was ideal for commercials, for cars and fast food mostly, where it appeared regularly. "Speed Ballads" came out in '98 but only received U.K. distribution.

Republica fits under the "one hit wonder" category. Fortunately, Male's pulsating guitar and Saffron's edgy but suggestive vocals, made "Ready To Go" a great hit.

Republica Discography

Republica's self-titled debut is the only album available in the U.S. However, there are only two great songs, "Ready To Go" and the less successful but nearly as good "Drop Dead Gorgeous." The remainder of the album is a disconnected wall of sound. "Speed Ballads" shows up as an import on occasion but it isn't
worth the trip.

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