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Remy Zero

Rolling out of Birmingham, AL, Remy Zero released their self-titled debut in '96. Vocalist Cinjun Tate, guitarist brother Shelby, guitarist Cedric Le Moyne, bassist Jeffery Cain and drummer Gregory Slay were able to garner some attention for their Alt. Rock efforts.

Their sophomore album, "Villa Elaine," was in the same vein but relied too heavily on Tate's anguished vocals to drive plodding ballads. Released in '01, "The Golden Hum" had a more upbeat approach and was better for it.

Remy Zero Discography

Remy Zero's first two albums, their self-titled debut and "Villa Elaine," are OK, if derivative. There's too much wailing and not enough Rocking. "The Golden Hum" got them moving in the right direction with less drag and more drive, featuring the Alt. hit "Save Me," the irresistible "Impossibility" and "Out/In."

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