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In '91, the Rembrandts (Danny Wilde and Phil Solem) had a minor hit with the brooding mid-tempo, "Just The Way It Is, Baby." The L.A. duo's self-titled debut caught the attention of "Friends" co-producer, Kevin Bright, who asked them to write and record a theme for the show. They did, coming up with "I'll Be There For You."

"Friends" was such a hit, radio programmers wanted a full-length version. Again, the Rembrandts obliged and the song was included on their '95 release "LP," which went platinum.

Though the Rembrandts released subsequent albums, "Spin This" and "Lost Together," they came nowhere near the popularity or the bemused lightheartedness of their hit.

Rembrandts Discography


1990 The Rembrandts
1992 Untitled
1995 LP
1998 Spin This (Danny Wilde + The Rembrandts)
2001 Lost Together

Though the Rembrandts' biggest hit, "I'll Be There For You," resides on "LP" it's not their best work. Their self-titled debut features a fresh and captivating pop/Rock sound that was either abandoned too soon or impossible to recreate.

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