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The above is provided as a public service in case you come across a version of Ratt playing some dive club or a county fair in your area. It's bands like Ratt that usually have two or three iterations roaming around containing one, maybe two, but often none of the original members. Hey, gotta make a living.

Ratt rolled out of L.A. in the early '80s, and if they are remembered at all, it's for "Round And Round." The group was managed by comedian Milton Berle's nephew. That explains "Uncle Miltie's" drag appearance in their hit video.

Ratt's greatest achievement was parlaying "Round and Round," a decent Aerosmith rip-off, into four (count 'em) platinum albums: "Out Of The Cellar" ('84), "Invasion of Your Privacy" ('85),"Dancing Undercover" ('86) and "Reach For The Sky" ('88). Chalk it up to the times.

When Pearcy left the show was over. But they were able to ride the hit for nearly six years. Not bad.

The band's original members reunited in '96 but just a few years later there where two touring Ratt line-ups - one with Pearcy and a DeMartini/Blotzer version. Bassist Robbie Crane joined amid the confusion of the late-90s.

After announcing that he had AIDS, Crosby passed away in '02. However, the cause of death was determined to be from a heroin overdose.

Four years later, Pearcy, DeMartini and Blotzer (plus Crane) got together again, adding former Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo.

Many people were surprised, if not shocked, when Ratt announced they were canceling their '10 European tour (where historically they have sold the most albums). Few realized that the band was still together. But as one could imagine there was all sorts of drama leading to the postponement.

First, Pearcy had to undergo surgery for a hernia, and then Blotzer was arrested on DUI charges. Since a hernia isn't much fun, let's focus on Blotzer's dilemma.

He was arrested for being intoxicated while driving a boat (more like a floating beer cooler) on Lake Havasu (AZ) over Memorial Day weekend. Many speculated that between Pearcy's operation and Blotzer's bust, going to Europe just wasn't in the cards.

The band's seventh album, "Infestation," which dropped several weeks earlier, had to go without a timely European promotional tour.

Ratt once again slipped off the radar until '15. And given the band's duel line-ups of the past this was a peculiar dispute.

First, Blotzer stated that he'd taken over the Ratt name following a five-year trademark battle with Pearcy, who had quit in '14. However, DeMartini said that he was "totally against" Blotzer's decision to use the Ratt name for the drummer's "tribute band" and filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court "to prevent any further misuse."

"(He is) trying to take over the band and pawn himself and a cast of substitutes off as the genuine article," claimed DeMartini's lawsuit.

After winding through the legal system the trademark dispute was resolved when a federal court dismissed Blotzer's countersuit. A judgment was entered in favor of Ratt's general partnership - which included Ratt's other original members Pearcy and Croucier.

Ratt Discography


1984 Out Of The Cellar
1985 Invasion Of Your Privacy
1986 Dancing Undercover
1988 Reach For The Sky
1990 Detonator
1999 Ratt
2010 Infestation

"Out Of The Cellar" is Ratt's career best and it contains "Round and Round." "Invasion of Your Privacy" is a less than stunning follow up. After that, forget it for the studio material. However, "Ratt & Roll '81-'91," a "Best Of" collection captures the group's limited depth and breadth.

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