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Born in New York (3/28/68), Annie Danielewski changed her name to Poe at the ripe old age of ten. Aside from being a whole lot easier to spell than Danieleswki, the adopted moniker was a tribute to the haunted and haunting 19th century poet/writer. Poe came by this intellectual preciousness naturally. Her father was documentary filmmaker Tad Danielewski, who was best known for "No Exit" released in '62.

When her album "Hello" debuted in '95 Poe was among the first to actively court the Internet audience turning into a cyber sex symbol. The hard-edged, angry riff-rocker "Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By A Go-Go)" was her ace. The song's famous line "You can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being" caught a world of attention, as did the blend of Hip-Hop with her root Folk Rock style. Poe had several Net-simulcast concerts and provided backing vocals on Fastball's "All The Pain Money Can Buy" CD.

The concept CD "Haunted" appeared in '00. In keeping with her tech inclinations Poe recorded the CD on her computer using Pro Tools. The album interspersed audio from her late father's college lectures and other recordings.

Poe Discography

Poe's debut "Hello" has "Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By A Go-Go). There isn't anything else that equals that track. "Haunted" features the brooding title track along with the mid-tempo "Terrible Thought." The album deals with father/daughter relationships. But the CD is at its best when it Rocks with "Beat My Own Drum" and "Could Have Gone Mad."

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