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Pete Doherty

Here's a downside to fame. Getting high and going out in public there is often somebody who needs to get punched and nearby is a person with a camera. Many mornings, Pete Doherty woke to see his blurry-eyed face on a tabloid cover. That disheveled life seemed unfortunate for a guy who rolled through The Libertines, Babyshambles and a relationship with supermodel Kate Moss - which began in '05, while Doherty was still in The Libertines, and culminated in an '07 engagement announcement before the romance abruptly ended.

Doherty was born in Hexham, Northumberland, England (3/12/79), the son of a British army officer. The second of three children, Doherty was an impressive student usually scoring high marks. He even won a poetry competition.

After a stint at the University of London, studying English literature, Doherty shared a London flat with musician Carl Barat, a former classmate of Doherty's older sister. That led to The Libertines.

Doherty's reckless behavior, to say nothing of his drug use and failed detox excursions, contributed greatly to The Libertines premature demise. Later, those troubles took their toll on Babyshambles.

Doherty began doing solo acoustic shows in '06 and continued down that road intermittently. Some shows were good, others not.

Containing the single "Last Of The English Rose," Doherty issued "Grace/Wastelands" in early '09.

Pete Doherty Discography


2009 Grace/Wastelands

Pete Doherty's "Grace/Wasteland" is a low-key but surprisingly melodic effort. Taking a turn toward Folk, several tracks rely on acoustic guitar and voice - little, if anything, else. The exceptions are "Last Of The English Rose," a shot of early '60s Brit pop and the Rockabilly flavored " Palace Of Bone." "Sweet By And By" takes a Dixieland turn with horns and a Blues shuffle. "A Little Death Around The Eyes" is drama pop that could have been lifted from some long forgotten cheesy film. But the album's charm is more rooted in the simple - but effective- way Doherty sings the unadorned songs. Helps that they are well written.

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