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Patrick Stump

It's one of the few predictable things in the music business: The vocalist for a successful band on hiatus releases a solo album.

Add to the list Patrick Stump. Born into a musical family, he's the son of Folk singer David Stumph. Though Stump's older brother was an accomplished violinist, Patrick stuck with the drums until he auditioned for Fall Out Boy. When his singing abilities were discovered he vaulted from behind the kit to center stage becoming the band's vocalist/guitarist.

Fall Out Boy rose from Wilmette, IL, to major stardom. Their '05 album "From Under The Cork Tree" went double-platinum. '07 follow-up "Infinity On High" did well but their next album, "Folie a' Deux" was a disappointment. So the band took a break.

In the downtime, Stump issued a six-song EP titled "Truant Wave," which was basically leftover tracks from his debut album "Soul Punk." It leaned heavily on synth loops and Emo lyrics - mixed with a bit of "Off The Wall" era Michael Jackson. The early '11 release was not what was expected which led to some explaining.

"I'm just as pissed off as I was while screaming in Punk bands," Stump claimed. "But I feel like I'm directing it into something positive and centered around love."

Stump's full-length debut, the R&B oriented "Soul Punk" landed later in the year.
Patrick Stump Discography


2011 Soul Punk


2011 Truant Wave - EP

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