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Officially, the Outlaws formed in 1974 and disbanded in 1996. In reality, they were a factor for about a tenth of that time. Over their history there were twelve or thirteen Outlaws. Guitarist Hughie Thomasson was the only one around for the whole ride. The best known line-up had Thomasson and Billy Jones on duel lead guitars. Henry Paul handled rhythm guitar while Frank O'Keefe played bass and Monte Yoho worked drums.

"There Goes Another Love Song" was a Country/pop hit with guitars and hooks to burn. They also managed a Rock version of the Country classic "Ghost Riders in the Sky." But "Green Grass & High Tides" was the song. Often compared to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" it featured two lead guitars exchanging scorching Southern Rock riffs. It was an air guitarist dream.

Unable to capture the high again, the Outlaws plodded along until Thomasson joined a restructured Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Outlaws Discography

The Outlaws' most notable songs are on "Best of the Outlaws… Green Grass & High Tides." The studio albums are OK but nothing special.

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