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The Outfield

Three things about The Outfield:

1) The Outfield were always more popular in the U.S. than they were in their native England.
2) Out of the gate they were a platinum band but saw their popularity fade with each album.
3) Writer, poet and all-around Queen fanatic Daniel Nester once said The Outfield sounded like "The Knack found a helium dispenser."

Bassist/singer Tony Lewis, guitarist/keyboardist/songwriter John Spinks, and drummer Alan Jackman worked under the name Sirius B in the late '70s. But their power-pop could not withstand the prevailing Punk scene so they disbanded only to reform a few years later.

Since Spinks had a fixation on American sports - especially baseball - and having seen the cult film The Warriors, which had a gang called the Baseball Furies, he came up with the name Baseball Boys. The group's American manager helped steer them toward The Outfield.

Debut album "Play Deep" dropped in '85 and went triple platinum led by the Top 10 single "Your Love." They toured with the likes of Journey and Starship (which speaks volumes about the band's sound and appeal). Two years later, The Outfield issued "Bangin'." Though a commercial success, it failed to match their debut.

"Voices Of Babylon" yielded the hit "My Paradise" but couldn't halt the band's steep decline. In addition, Jackman left.

Two albums, "Diamond Days" and "Rockeye," came and went with little notice. The group, once again, disbanded. And, once again, they reformed in the late '90s for a modest comeback.

Spinks died in '14 after a decade long battle with liver cancer. He was 60 years old.

The Outfield Discography

Studio Albums:

1985 Play Deep
1987 Bangin'
1989 Voices Of Babylon
1990 Diamond Days
1992 Rockeye
1998 It Ain't Over...
1999 Extra Innings
2006 Any Time Now
2011 Replay

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