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Nude Beach

"This band was just a really fun way to get together on the weekends and get drunk and play music." Nude Beach drummer Ryan Naideau's statement is probably one of the best reasons for being in a band.

Naideau, guitarist/vocalist Chuck Betz and bassist Jim Shelton hailed from Long Island's North Shore but eventually each relocated to Brooklyn.

Nude Beach might be the name of a Big Sur hippie/Folk collective but it's actually a guitar-pop band.

The story goes that while sitting on a beach near Naideau's parent's house in Northport, NY, the trio was trying to come up with a band name. A lot of stupid names surfaced, as they always do, before they landed on Nude Beach. "We've never all gone to a nude beach together. But we should," reasoned Naideau.

The group's self-title debut was released in '10 on Brooklyn's Mandible Records. The appropriately titled "II" dropped two years later. The album led to an article in Spin magazine titled: Nude Beach: Garage-Pop Dudes Make Music 'That Doesn't Suck'.

The '13 EP "What Can Ya Do?" was followed, a year later, by Nude Beach's third full-length effort, "77." The set earn 3 stars from Rolling Stone for their "scruffed-up guitar pop."

Nude Beach Discography


2010 Nude Beach
2012 II
2014 77


What Can Ya Do?

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