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Nick Lowe

There are two impressive things about Nick Lowe:

1. He was married to Carlene Carter. No small achievement.

2. He was one hell of a Rockabilly demon. British to boot!

Though the Stray Cats are the most audible remnant of the late '70's/early '80s U.K fascination with Rockabilly, they aren't alone. Nick Lowe's music, often in conjunction with Dave Edmunds and/or Rockpile, is a joyous hopped up sound. Just listen to "I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock n' Roll)," "Teacher Teacher," "7 Nights To Rock" or "Half Boy & Half A Man." Hard to go wrong.

Lowe started with Brinsley Schwartz in the early '70s and found himself attracted to roots Rock which was about as far out of fashion as it could get.

Instead of falling for the glam and glitter and its "seriousness," Lowe's songwriting had a more carefree, silly, joking nature - while still energetic.

Lowe found work producing significant recordings for Elvis Costello, among others. As a performer he never achieved star status (though he did have a hit with "Cruel To Be Kind") but his recordings were high-octane guitar-drenched blasts that put some needed fun into Rock.

Nick Lowe Discography


1978 Jesus Of Cool (Pure Pop For Now People in the U.S.)
1979 Labour Of Lust
1982 Nick The Knife
1983 The Abominable Showman
1984 Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit
1985 The Rose Of England
1988 Pinker And Prouder Than Previous
1990 Party Of One
1994 The Impossible Bird
1998 Dig My Mood
2001 The Convincer
2004 Untouched Takeaway (Live)
2007 At My Age
2011 The Old Magic
2013 Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection For All The Family

More people have heard of Nick Lowe (as a producer, songwriter or ex-spouse) than have heard his music. The best way to remedy the problem is "Basher (Lowe's nickname): The Best of Nick Lowe." For non-compilation albums check out "Pure Pop For Now People" with "I Love The Sound of Breaking Glass," "Heart of the City," "They Call It Rock" and "Little Hitler." Next is Lowe with Rockpile on "Labour of Lust."

Lowe has released nearly a dozen albums and each has something worth remembering, except "Dig My Mood." Lounge music was in vogue for about three weeks in the '90s and Lowe jumped on the bandwagon to his own determent.

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