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Sometimes groups don't jell the first time around. Cincinnati guitarists Brad Stenz and Bob Gayol started working together in a late '80s garage band. Over the years they refined their sound, moving to New York, where they teamed up with drummer Josh Freese and former Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson. This line-up made it to the studio but not much further.

Later, Rocket From The Crypt drummer Atom Willard and Hedwig The Angry Inch drummer Ted Liscinski were enlisted.

A Virgin Records recording contract was inked in '01 and Moth released their debut "Provisions, Fiction & Gear" the following year.

Moth Discography


1991 Moth Holographic
1996 Big League Fantasy Camp
2002 Provisions, Fiction and Gear
2004 Drop Deaf Vital America
2006 Immune To Gravity


2001 Like a Butterfly 'cept Different

Moth can Rock and sound most assured when it does.

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