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Moody Blues

Moody Blues

John Lodge and Justin Heyward served as the Moody Blues' creative core. They were among the first to use orchestral arrangements in Rock n' Roll. While not always successful as Rockers, that probably wasn't their main goal. They were more interested in dramatic effect.

The Moody Blues recorded their "Days of Future Past" with the London Symphony Orchestra. The Moody's found their greatest artistic and commercial success with dirges like "Nights In White Satin." Their neo-Classical/pop-rock blend worked best on ballads. The slower pace provided more room. When they tried to Rock (with orchestra) as in "Ride My See-Saw" or "I'm Just A Singer (In a Rock 'n' Roll Band)" it sounded like an uncomfortable alliance.

The Moody's dreamy, orchestral Rock faded in the late '70s but the band returned in the '80s with "Gemini Dream" and other songs that were dangerously close to corporate Rock. Overall, their best song was "Tuesday Afternoon," a mid-tempo ballad.

Moody Blues Discography

Studio Album:

1965 The Magnificent Moodies
1967 Days of Future Passed
1968 In Search Of The Lost Chord
1969 On the Threshold of a Dream
1969 To Our Children's Children's Children
1970 A Question Of Balance
1971 Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
1972 Seventh Sojourn
1978 Octave
1981 Long Distance Voyager
1983 The Present
1986 The Other Side Of Life
1988 Sur la Mer
1991 Keys Of The Kingdom
1999 Strange Times
2003 December

The Moody Blues tend to be a little too dramatic and artsy for their own good. "Greatest Hits" or "The Best of the Moody Blues" with "Ride My See Saw," "I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band)" and Tuesday Afternoon" has what's important. "Days of Future Past" and "Seventh Sojourn" are their best studio albums.

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kenneth   very moving indeed, but did they have anything else?  
misscheeks   heard nights in white satin.very moving  
Guest   Moody Blues with three original members are still around.  After their reformation in 1978, they never stopped touring so there was never a comeback tour.  They are STILL touring (Feb 27, 2006, they are playing in Sarasota, FL).  Agreed their early pyschedelic music is better than the later pop rock (although the 1983 effort, The Present is one of the best of their later period)  

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