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Missing Persons

Terry Bozzio, one time drummer in Frank Zappa's backing group, married the former Dale Conslavi in '79. A year later, they started U.S. Drag which eventually became Missing Persons with fellow Zappa alum, guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, bassist Patrick O' Hearn and keyboardist Chuck Wild. Dale Bozzio, her shocking pink hair and space age outfits, was clearly the focal point. After nailing the L.A. club circuit, Missing Persons released their self-titled EP in '81. Capitol Records picked up the EP and re-released it with the single "Destination Unknown" just missing the Top 40. "Spring Session M," an anagram of Missing Persons, was the title of the group's first full-length album and boasted the classic "Walking In L.A." ("nobody walks in L.A.") with Dale's hiccup vocals. "Give" from "Rhyme and Reason" got the full MTV treatment but the song was only a minor success. The album did about the same.

"Color In Your Life," an '86 pop-dance effort, deservedly stiffed. The Bozzio's then got divorced and Missing Persons went missing.

Next Moves:

Dale Bozzio - Recorded a solo album that sunk quickly.

Terry Bozzio - Worked with Jeff Beck, among others, including a spell with The Knack (long after "My Sharona").

Warren Cuccurullo - Joined Duran Duran long after their prime but seemed to have found a long term paying gig.

Patrick O' Hearn - Went the new age instrumental route.

Note: Both Blondie's Debbie Harry and Dale Bozzio were Playboy bunnies. Maybe Hef was on to something when he claimed being a bunny was a great way for women to break into showbiz. Right.

Missing Persons Discography

Though their recorded history was brief, Missing Persons should have been huge since their synth-Rock sound was perfectly in tune with the times, as was Dale Bozzio's eye grabbing appearance. But it was not to be. "Rhyme & Reason" with semi-hit "Give" and the longing mid-tempo "Surrender Your Heart" stands as the cream of the crop. "Spring Session M" featuring "Walking In L.A'. is no slouch either. However, it makes most sense to capture the group's finest moments on "Best Of Missing Persons" even though it omits "Surrender Your Heart." "Color In Your Life" is a waste.

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