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Marshall Tucker Band

The Marshall Tucker Band formed in '71, recorded their self-titled debut two years later and hit the road opening for the Allman Brothers Band.

Though most of their albums went gold (the power of Southern Rock!) they were best remembered for the Country/pop "Heard It In A Love Song" and the far superior "Fire On The Mountain."

The group's decline was hastened by both changing music trends and the death of Tommy Caldwell in an '80 auto accident. A short time later, Toy Caldwell left for a solo career. The Marshall Tucker Band lingered a bit longer before disbanding in '83. Later that year, Gray and Eubanks re-launched the group.

The latter day Marshall Tucker Band has made forays into County (figures), Blues (of course) and Gospel (OK). Members came and went with regularity with only Gray sticking around for the whole show. Toy Caldwell passed away in '93.

Marshall Tucker Band Discography


1973 The Marshall Tucker Band
1974 A New Life
1974 Where We All Belong
1975 Searchin' For A Rainbow
1976 Long Hard Ride
1977 Carolina Dreams
1978 Together Forever
1979 Running Like The Wind 30
1980 Tenth
1981 Dedicated
1982 Tuckerized
1983 Just Us
1983 Greetings From South Carolina
1988 Still Holdin' On
1990 Southern Spirit
1992 Still Smokin'
1993 Walk Outside The Lines
1998 Face Down In The Blues
1999 Gospel
2003 Stompin' Room Only
2004 Beyond The Horizon
2005 Carolina Christmas
2006 Live on Long Island 04-18-80
2007 The Next Adventure
2008 Carolina Dreams Tour '77
2010 Way Out West! Live From San Francisco 1973
2011 The Marshall Tucker Band's Doug Gray: Soul Of The South
2013 Live! From Spartanburg, South Carolina

Combining Blues, Country and Rock, the Marshall Tucker Band was highly successful. But frankly, the Allman Brothers did it better. "Marshall Tucker Band's Greatest Hits" gleans the high points. "Carolina Dreams" is their signature studio album.

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