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Low Cut Connie

The Philadelphia based Low Cut Connie started in '10 as a partnership between Adam Weiner (piano/vocals) and Dan Finnemore (drums/guitar). The former was from Cherry Hill, NJ and the latter from Birmingham, England.

Prior to Low Cut Connie, Weiner was a solo artist playing piano in gay bars and honkytonks while Finnemore was a film studies professor in the U.K. who also played in Punk and Garage bands.

So how did they meet? At a club in the East Village (Manhattan) and eventually they worked together in the U.S. and U.K.

The duo's self-released debut, "Get Out The Lotion," arrived in '11. The album was known for its Rockabilly sound and Weiner's Jerry Lee Lewis-like stage presence. Sophomore set "Call Me Sylvia," a '12 release, earned critical praise for killer tracks like "Boozophilia," an ode to Philly.

Low Cut Connie went from a duo to a quartet with the addition of guitarist James Everhart and bassist Will Donnelly. The band contributed a raving Rockabilly cover of "Jump Into The Fire" to "This Is The Town: A Tribute to Nilsson (Volume One)," before unleashing their third album, "Hi Honey," featuring "Shake It Little Tina" with references to Tina Turner and Patrick Swayze (of "Dirty Dancing Fame"). The dace moves in the video are unforgettable.

Low Cut Connie Discography


2011 Get Out The Lotion
2012 Call Me Sylvia
2015 Hi Honey

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