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Love As Laughter

In business, politics and even music, connections help. In the case of Love As Laughter, Modest Mouse and frontman Isaac Brock in particular, were the points of contact. Love As Laughter toured with Modest Mouse and the group signed with Brock's label, Glacial Pace Records, a subsidiary of Epic Records.

Before all that happened vocalist/guitarist Sam Jayne fronted Lync. When the group hit the skids in '94 Jayne envisioned Love As Laughter as a solo project but a group seemed a better option.

Love As Laughter signed with K Records and released two albums, "The Greks Bring Gifts" ('96) and "#1 USA" ('97). Their next stop was the legendary Sub-Pop label where they issued "Destination 2000" ('99), "Sea To Shining Sea" ('01) and "Laughter's Fifth" ('05).

Love As Laughter Discography

Love As Laughter started as a Punk outfit and progressively took their foot off the accelerator to check out other possibilities.

"The Greks Bring Gifts" is a blast though poorly recorded while "#1 USA" is more of the same but with better audio. "Destination 2000" roars to life with the opening track "Stay Out Of Jail," another Punk ode. But overall the album is less frantic. "Sea To Shining Sea" has Love As Laughter dwelling in the '60s playing Garage Rock ("Coast To Coast"), delivering a shot of Neil Young ("Sam Jayne = Dead") and Acid Rock ("Drugachussetts"). Considering what preceded it, "Laughter's Fifth" is almost sedate but it does contain the rousing "Canal Street" and the carousel/guitar song "Idol Worship! Idol Worshop!"

It's obvious why Love As Laughter signed with Glacial Pace Records (though "Holy" was actually issued by Red Ink). With its acoustic/electric blend, "Holy" is perfect for the thoughtful Modest Mouse audience. "Paul Revere," employing a slashing guitar and heavy bottom, is the only song that makes even a passing nod toward Love As Laughter's Punk leaning past.

"Crosseyed Beautiful Youngunz" has an easy pop shuffle while "Baby Shambles" plies a catchy retro '50's boogie. "All Parts Of Me" rides an infectious Afro-beat rhythm that sounds like a cross between David Byrne and Paul Simon working in the same vein.

"Holy's" remaining tracks seem ready-made for movie soundtracks and TV shows - especially during those pivotal or emotional moments.

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