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Lacuna Coil

Italy is hardly a hotbed of Rock.

So when Milian's Goth Metal group Lacuna Coil (meaning "empty spiral") emerged in '94 it caught people's attention, especially because it had co-vocalists Cristina Scabbia (contralto) and Andrea Ferro (tenor). The group also featured dual guitarists Cristiano Migliore with Marco Biazzi added following the group's second European tour and debut album, bassist/keyboardist Marco Coi Zelati and drummer Cristiano Mozzati.

Lacuna Coil's "Comalies" album, with the single "Heaven's A Lie" hit in '02. A second single, "Swamped," earned Lacuna Coil further recognition and was used in the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines video game. To top it off, both songs landed on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball. Still riding "Comalies" success, Lacuna Coil spent '04 touring both Europe and the U.S. and appearing on the Ozzfest Tour.

"Karmacode" dropped in the spring of '06 and with it came the opportunity to tour with the like-minded Rob Zombie. Lacuna Coil also performed at England's 2006 Download Festival (with Metallica, Tool and Guns N' Roses).

'08's "Shallow Life," became Lacuna Coil's first effort to land in the Billboard Top 20. Debuting at #16 the album went on to sell 70,000 copies in the U.S. "It's different, but it's our style," said Ferro. "We haven't done anything absolutely different from our style, because that wouldn't be natural, that would be weird - it wouldn't be us. The songs are definitely more powerful, more complete, more intense, more straight-to-the-point."

"Dark Adrenaline," containing the single "Trip The Darkness," followed in '11.

Original Lacuna Coil guitarist, Claudio Leo, passed away in '13. He left after performing on the group's self-titled EP.

Just weeks prior to the release of the group's seventh album, "Broken Crown Halo," Migliore and Mozzati decided to 'retire' from the group in early '14 after 16 years citing personal reasons. Drummer Ryan Folden was enlisted.
But that wasn't all. Guitarist Daniel Sahagun signed on as Biazzi's short-term replacement. Sahagun previously played bass for the band in '14 when Coti-Zelati was sick and unable to tour. Later, Diego Cavallotti filled the guitar slot on a permanent basis.

"Delirium," Lacuna Coil's eighth studio album, was the first since the group's '99 debut not to include Migliore, Mozzati or Biazzi and their first completely recorded and mixed in Italy.

The effort peaked at #33 on the Billboard 200. However, it went to #2 on the U.S. Hard Rock Albums chart and #4 on Top Rock Albums.

Lacuna Coil Discography

Studio Albums:

1999 In a Reverie
2001 Unleashed Memories
2002 Comalies
2006 Karmacode
2009 Shallow Life
2012 Dark Adrenaline
2014 Broken Crown Halo
2016 Delirium


1998 Lacuna Coil
2000 Halflife

If you listen to the guitar, bass and drums on Lacuna Coil songs there isn't much to differentiate it from what's been done (to death) by other Goth Metal groups. The addition of keyboards is a nice, if a somewhat superficial element. What gives Lacuna Coil it's often mesmerizing sound is their impeccable use of vocals. Having two lead singers is novel.

In addition, Scabbia and Ferro bring a lot of imagination to the arrangements - not content to simply mimic each other. There is also the juxtaposition between ethereal vocals (usually Scabbia) and heavy/violent ranting (regularly Ferro) which gives the songs a sense of tension and drama.

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