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The Knickerbockers

The Knickerbockers released over a dozen singles in the course of their career but only one really mattered, "Lies." On the '65 hit, vocalist Buddy Randell sounded exactly like John Lennon and the track was a spot-on replication of The Beatles mid-60s sound - including Paul McCartney sound-alike shouts.

Formed four years earlier in Bergenfield, NJ they took their name from Knickerbocker Road which ran through a neighboring town. The Knickerbockers initially revolved around brothers Beau and John Charles.

Singer Buddy Randell and drummer Jimmy Walker completed the line-up. Randell, a former member of the Royal Teens who had a '58 hit with "Short Shorts," was known then as sax player Billy Crandall.

The Knickerbockers were spotted playing a show in Albany by producer/songwriter Jerry Fuller who subsequently signed them to L.A. based Challenge Records.

Changing their style from song to song, trying to dial in a winner, "Lies" was their third single. That success led to appearances on Dick Clark's ABC-TV program, Where the Action Is.

The Knickerbockers had a couple follow-up singles, most notably "One Track Mind," which were undercut by Challenge Records' inability to handle distribution.

Walker left in late '67 to replace Bill Medley in The Righteous Brothers but a later solo career didn't gain traction. Other members tried various avenues but did no better. Meanwhile, Fuller took what he learned working with the Knickerbockers and applied it, much more successfully, to Gary Puckett & The Union Gap.

He wrote and produced nearly all of their hits ("Young Girl," "Lady Willpower" and Over You") which were essentially the same song.
The Knickerbockers Discography

Download "Lies."

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