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King Crimson

Guitarist Robert Fripp led an ever changing cast. King Crimson members included Greg Lake who went on to Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame, ex-Yes drummer Bill Bruford, Asia's future bassist John Wetton and Ian McDonald, an original Foreigner member. With the exception of Bruford who left Yes for King Crimson, everyone else used the group as a stop on the way to greater success. Still, the turnover didn't stop Fripp from building masterpieces, usually one or two a decade.

"In The Court of King Crimson," released in '69 and "Larks' Tongues In Aspic" (a Progressive Rock album title if ever there was one) were the best known.

King Crimson Discography

Studio Albums:

1969 In The Court Of The Crimson King
1970 In The Wake Of Poseidon (
1970 Lizard
1971 Islands
1973 Larks' Tongues In Aspic
1974 Starless And Bible Black
1974 Red
1981 Discipline
1982 Beat
1984 Three Of A Perfect Pair
1995 THRAK
2000 The ConstruKction Of Light
2003 The Power To Believe

King Crimson's debut "In The Court of King Crimson" released in '69 shows the group at its stark and hypnotic best. Built around the core of Fripp, Bruford and Wetton, 1974's "Red" is another high-water mark. With guitar ace Adrian Belew in the line-up, King Crimson re-invented its sound with "Discipline," rolling out in '81. The '84 album "Three Of A Perfect Pair" contains the mesmerizing Rocker "Sleepless" but not much else.

King Crimson has been recorded live on several occasions. "The Great Deceiver," "Nightwatch" and "Epitaph" are all very good. "The Essential King Crimson: Frame By Frame" chronicles the group's entire career over three CDs and adds a fourth CD of live material.

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