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Kenny Wayne Shepherd

There's always a place for a Blues/Rock virtuoso. At age 13, Shreveport native, Kenny Wayne Shepherd was touring the South. At the ripe old age of 18, he scored with his '95 release "Ledbetter Heights."

Shepherd recorded several successful instrumental albums, occasionally singing. The trouble was his voice didn't match what he heard in his head. Not surprising considering his age. When his voice caught up with his playing he nailed a major hit with "Alive," which also appeared on the WB's Summerland soundtrack.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Discography

Shepherd has consistently moved away from the electric Blues of his debut, "Ledbetter Heights," toward Rock. '97 release "Trouble Is" shows Shepherd fusing Blues and Rock with Noah Hunt handling a majority of the vocals. Featuring "Slow Ride" (not the Foghat song), "True Lies," with the typical Blues line, "someone's been sleeping in my bed" and "King's Highway," the album has a lot going for it.

"The Place You're In," has "04 hit "Alive" along with Kid Rock on "Spank." Obviously aware of the course change, Shepherd also includes the boogie Rocker "Ain't Selling Out" - just to reassure the faithful.

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