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Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins solo career began in '77 with the release of his debut album "Celebrate Me Home." But it nearly started six years earlier when Loggins signed a contract with Columbia Records. That contract came about, in a large part, due to the efforts of Jim Messina, a veteran of Buffalo Springfield and Poco, who was now an independent record producer.

With the recording completed for what would become "Kenny Loggins With Jim Messina Sittin' In," a tidy description of the album, the pair, at the encouragement of label head Clive Davis, decided to continue as a duo. Over the next five years Loggins & Messina released five albums. Their novelty hit "Your Mama Don't Dance" stood out from the rest of their repertoire which was mostly laidback Country and ballads ("Danny's Song," House On Pooh Corner," etc.). In '76, they pulled the plug so each could pursue a solo career and a year later Loggins issued "Celebrate Me Home."

'78 saw the release of "Nightwatch" which was notable for the Loggins/Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) duet "Whenever I Call You Friend." The song was composed by Loggins and pop songstress Melissa Manchester.

Loggins third album, "Keep The Fire" had the title track and "This is It," a song Loggins co-wrote with the Doobie Brothers Michael McDonald. Inspired by Loggins' ailing father the track was about making life and death choices. Loggins and McDonald also penned "What A Fool Believes." Though Loggins' version was released first the Doobie Brothers had the #1 hit. In a year, 1980, when the Doobie Brothers couldn't lose the song received Grammys for Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

Though it wasn't much of a hit, only reaching #17, Loggins duet with Journey's Steve Perry on "Don't Fight It" was one hot track. Both Loggins and Perry had been routinely dismissed for their MOR/soft rock tendencies. This "High Adventure" track convinced both critics and fans to reconsider, if only temporarily.

Loggins contributions to film soundtracks started strong with the Top 10 hit "I'm Alright," from '80's Caddyshack. He did even better four years later landing a #1 with "Footloose," the title song from the film of the same name. And in '86, "Danger Zone" from Top Gun went to #2. "Nobody's Fool," off '88's Caddyshack II soundtrack, was Loggins last Top 10 pop hit though he continued to have soft rock successes.

Kenny Loggins Discography


1977 Celebrate Me Home
1978 Nightwatch
1979 Keep the Fire
1982 High Adventure
1985 Vox Humana
1988 Back To Avalon
1991 Leap Of Faith
1994 Return To Pooh Corner
1997 The Unimaginable Life
2000 More Songs From Pooh Corner
2003 It's About Time
2007 How About Now
2009 All Join In

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