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"Northern Hyperblast" wouldn't be a bad name for a Canadian Death Metal band. However, the term describes Kataklysm's drumming - sixteenth beats on the snare drum, combined with a slow beat on the bass drum.

The group, once ranked 7th on AOL Radio's list of the 10 Best Death Metal bands, formed in '91 and released their debut album, "Sorcery," in '95.

Two years later, original frontman Sylvain Houde left. As a result, bassist Maurizio Iacono took over on vocals with Stephane Barbe added on bass.

Kataklysm's fifth album, '01's "Epic: The Poetry Of War," had a more melodic approach but still within the boundaries of Death Metal. The following year, Kataklysm released "Shadows & Dust" which was in a similar vein and earned the group positive reviews and better than average sales.

Drummer Max Duhamels was temporarily replaced, due to injuries, by Martin Maurais on "Serenity In Fire." He kept the "northern hyperblast" mode intact. Duhamel recovered and participated on Kataklysm's eighth album, the '06 release, "In The Arms Of Devastation."

"Prevail" dropped in '08 with videos for "Taking The World By Storm" and "Blood in Heaven".

"Heaven's Venom" came out two years later.

Kataklysm released "Waiting For The End To Come" in '13.

"Of Ghosts And Gods," the band's twelfth studio album, dropped in '15 and earned the Heavy Metal Album Of The Year honor at the Juno Awards in Calgary.

Kataklysm Discography


1995 Sorcery
1996 Temple Of Knowledge
1998 Victims Of This Fallen World
2000 The Prophecy (Stigmata of the Immaculate)
2001 Epic: The Poetry of War
2002 Shadows & Dust
2004 Serenity In Fire
2006 In The Arms Of Devastation
2008 Prevail
2010 Heaven's Venom
2013 Waiting For The End To Come
2015 Of Ghosts And Gods

Live Albums:

1998 Northern Hyperblast Live
2007 Live in Deutschland - The Devastation Begins
2012 The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined

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