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Julian Lennon

So John Lennon had a kid (from his marriage to Cynthia Powell). It's not a stretch to figure Julian Lennon must have some musical talent. Is there a record exec who wouldn't listen to his demo? Or sign him? Especially, since Julian's demo arrived only four years after John's murder in '80. Nostalgia cash-in right there.

Turned out to be a smart move. Julian's debut album spawned three hits, the huge ballad "Valotte," the mid-tempo ode to his late father, "Too Late For Goodbyes" and the best of the lot, "Say You're Wrong," which had the least chart success of the three - figures.

Wouldn't you know it, that effort was rewarded by rushing Lennon back into the studio to record "The Secret Value Of Daydreaming." Now, there are a couple differences between Julian and his dad. First, when John was slammed on the creative treadmill he'd been a working musician for over a decade, writing songs between club dates in Liverpool and Hamburg. He also had Paul McCartney, a songwriting machine, to fill in the gaps (and there were many).

On the other hand, Julian was merely the offspring of a legend with no McCartney-level talent to fall back on. Needless to say, Julian's recording career withered. Soon his maudlin, self-possessed songs could only be heard on "quality rock" stations. Too bad.

Julian Lennon Discography

Studio Albums:

1984 Valotte
1986 The Secret Value Of Daydreaming
1989 Mr. Jordan
1991 Help Yourself
1998 Photograph Smile
2011 Everything Changes

Lennon has recorded a handful of albums and there are some compilations. But his debut, "Valotte," is really the only CD that counts. Get that one.

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